Ultimately, a battery will reach the end of its life. We replace VRLA, wet cells and NiCd batteries using special handling equipment. Our testing services can predict end-of-life to allow replacement to be scheduled efficiently and safely with minimal disruption, even in confined and difficult-to-access spaces.
We ensure that installation only commences once all components and resources are quality-checked and ready on site. Then we call on over 25 years of experience to assemble and configure the entire UPS system in-situ, positioning and securing all components before making the DC electrical connections.
After installation, we test every connection on the DC side of the new infrastructure. Specialist impedance testers verify internal battery resistance to highlight potential issues. We can also check the entire system using DC load banks. All our test equipment is calibrated and all tests and procedures fully documented.
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Thanks to the special equipment in our secure workshop and warehouse premises in Leicestershire, we can undertake the charging of up to 500 x 6 Volt batteries or 250 x 12 Volt batteries in a single, simultaneous operation. This service is also transportable, so we can also deploy it on-site if required.
UPSBS is a registered and trained reseller of battery monitoring systems from Cellwatch, and other leading condition monitoring providers. Cellwatch is among the most comprehensive battery monitoring solutions available and is designed to address all critical batteries in a power network.
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Recycling of failing or depleted batteries is a professional task. We use certified recycling partners who undertake battery recycling to COSHH standards as part of the replacement procedure. Effective recycling generates a scrap value rebate to help offset the cost of replacement.
Safety directives have driven an increase in the adoption of isolation strategies that segment UPS batteries into sections of 120 Volts (or less) before work on the battery terminals is carried out. We manufacture our own range of 120-Volt isolators that meet these stringent directives and can adapt them for any UPS installation.
Wet cell batteries are heavy items and must be transported carefully. We use specially-equipped vehicles to deliver to site, offload and position at the installation point. Our resources include heavy lifting equipment, agile platforms and stairwalking systems; all operated under certified H&S procedures.
Pulling together all the components of a UPS installation project off site makes sense. It avoids false starts where critical items haven’t been delivered (or get delivered to the wrong place) and eliminates bottlenecks at the customer’s site. Plus, it frees up space on site until everything is ready for installation to start.
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